At Informarket we are not satisfied with the phrase "it is more expensive to repair it than a new one", this statement so popular in the 90% of cases is false.

It is true that there are items that do not make sense to repair, for example a printer whose price is lower than the cartridges it includes, but it is also true that because the charging connector of a laptop breaks, there is no reason to throw it away and buy another.

We repair both software and hardware incidents, from the home user with his desktop PC, to large companies with servers and hundreds of workstations.

We repair almost everything: computers, laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, monitors, scanners, printers, etc. both at the hardware and software level.

Our services include:

  • Home service: so you don't have to bother. We send our technicians to your home to solve your problem. Both equipment installation and network configuration, as well as breakdowns. In the case of companies, we also have maintenance contracts adapted to their needs.
  • remote assistance For software problems, in those cases in which it is possible, we repair your incident remotely. with the consequent cost savings for you, since we save unnecessary trips.
  • Assistance in our facilities: the most economical option since we avoid displacements.
Repair and Maintenance
Data recovery
Home Assistance